Telangana style Beerakaya Pesarupappu kura

Ridge gourd curry with Yellow lentils.

Ridge gourd is a dark green in colour spongy vegetable which is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Telangana style Beerakaya pesarupappu is most prepared dish in every house.

In Telugu Ridge gourd refers to Beerakaya and yellow split lentil refers to Pesarapappu.

Pappu/Dal is a must have dish in every meal of south Indian Thali along with pickle, Ghee/Clarified butter and papad.

Mostly a meal without serving pappu/dal is said to be an incomplete meal.

Dal or pappu is prepared in many ways with combination of mixed lentils/dal or with one variety with veggies or green leafy vegetables in dry form or liquid form.

Beerakaya pesarupappu /Turai moong dal/Ridge gourd with yellow split lentils is a semi liquid curry prepared by with yellow split gram/moong dal.

In this curry preparation dry roasted sesame seeds powder is used to enhance the taste of dal, which are high source of calcium and iron.

In Telangana cuisine sesame seed powder is mostly used in different kinds of curry preparation which are healthy and nutritious.

In Telugu sesame seeds are referred as Nuvvulu and pounded powder as Podi.

Tender Ridge gourd is tempered with spices, ginger garlic and then cooked with dal sesame powder is used to prepare the curry to make semi liquid in consistency to enhance the texture and taste of the curry which you can accomplish with cooked white rice /roti/chapati in everyday meal as a healthy option.

  • Cuisine – Telangana
  • Type – Curry
  • Recipe – Lunch/Dinner
  • Preparation Time – 15 minutes
  • Cooking Time – 20 minutes
  • Total Time – 35 minutes
  • Makes – 5-6 servings

Video Recipe Of Ridge Curry with Yellow Lentils

Ridge gourd curry with Yellow lentils.

Telangana style Beerakaya Pesarupappu kura

Ridge gourd
Green chilli
Ginger & Garlic
Curry leaves
yellow split gram
Sesame powder
Oil & spices
Coriander leaves

How to prepare Beerakaya pesarapappu/Ridge gourd with yellow lentils.

step 1

Take tender dark green in colour ridge gourds clean them and scrape the skin then cut into tube shape medium size pieces as shown in the picture. Chop onions into thin vertical in shape, peel the skin of garlic pods, scrape the skin of ginger and cut into small tiny pieces. Slit green chillie’s into four halves.

Step 2

wash clean and soak lentils with one cup of water for 10 minutes before preparing the curry.

Step 3

Heat oil in a flat Non- stick pan/kadai. Remember to pre heat the pan before pouring oil into the pan.

Step 4

Splutter the spices mustard seeds and cumin seeds, sauté for 10 seconds. Add green chillie’s into the pan, roast them for a while.

Step 5

Add copped ginger and garlic pods, roast for a minute, then add curry leaves sauté for a minute.

Step 6

Add chopped onions mix well and cook about five minutes until onions become transparent, then add turmeric powder, mix with the tempering.

Step 7

Add soaked yellow lentil/pesarapappu along with the water, mix altogether and cook for until dal becomes half cooked

Step -8

Now add ridge gourd along with a cup of water, mix with all ingredients, close the pan with a lid and cook 10 to 15 minutes

Step 9

Add required amount of salt as per your taste into the pan mix well, close the lid again and cook until ridge gourd become soft.

Step 10

Now add dry roasted and powered sesame seeds powder into the pan mix well.

Step 11

Cook until the water in the curry becomes thick in consistency. simmer the stove, don’t dry the preparation,curry should be semi liquid in consistency.

Step 12

Dish out in a serving bowl, Garnish with fresh coriander leaves. 

Step 13

Serve with cooked Rice with a blob of ghee or with Roti/Chapati.


  • To prepare beerakaya pesarupappu curry,select tender green and fresh ridge gourd in order to avoid adding of extra water while preparing.
  • Soak dal before preparing the curry.
  • To prepare sesame seed powder,dry roast them in a low flame.keep aside to cool completely before grinding.
  • You can water accordingly.
  • Dry Coconut powder can also be added to give extra flavour.
  • Tastes good when prepared in cold pressed peanut oil.
  1. Ridge gourd is rich in dietary fibre and enriched with all the vital elements.
  2. Rich in vitamins A C B6 magnesium and iron which helps in better eye vision.
  3. Consuming ridge gourd in raw juice form reliefs from constipation.
  4. Helps in weight loss which is low in “Carbohydrates”
  5. Ridge gourd is full of moisture and fibre regular consumption helps in digestive system.



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