Chutney Recipes||South Indian Chutney Recipes.

In this section you can learn how to prepare chutney with seasonal vegetables, fresh vegetables, green leafy vegetable chutney’s and coconut chutney recipes which you can serve with Idly, Dosa, roti or chapatis and Fritters.

Ugadi Pacchadi||How To Make Ugadi Pacchadi.

How To Prepare Telanga Style Ugadi Pacchadi Ugadi Pacchadi video Recipe of How To Prepare Telangana Style Ugadi Pacchadi SHUBAKRUTH NAMA SAMVASTHRAM Happy Telugu New Year||Happy Karnataka New Year. Ugadi panduga shubakankashalu||Ugadi Habbada Shubasheyagalu. Ugadi pacchadi is a special drink/tandai/cooler prepared on the auspicious day of Telugu New Year UGADI,. Ugadi pacchadi in prepared in …

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Usirikaya Pacchadi||Aamala ka Aachar

Usirikaya Pacchadi||Aamla ka Aachar||Gooseberry pickle Pickles are vegetables or fruits,  which have been kept in chilli powder salt and grounded spices along with ginger garlic paste  for a long time so that they have a strong aroma and taste. In this post Iam going to share instant Usirikaya Avakaya/Gooseberry pickle recipe which can be prepared …

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Mamidikaya Roti Pachadi||Mango Chutney||Raw Mango Chutney

Mamidikaya Roti Pachadi||Raw Mango Chutney Mamidikaya roti pachadi means an instant raw mango chutney prepared by using mortar and pestle. Tangy raw mangoes are crushed and blended  into a paste to give an extra aromatic taste. In Telugu language raw mango is known as mamidikaya and roti means mortar and pestle. Mamidikaya roti pachadi is …

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