Sabudana Chitranna Sabbakki Chitranna


Sabudana/sago which is also known as Tapioca is derived from the extract of the plant roots of Cassava.

Tapioca doesn’t grow on trees like fruit or in gardens like a vegetable

It’s a starch that made from the plant root.

In India it is cultivated widely in south Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

There are two types of sabaudana available in India. Nylon sabudana and Normal sabudana. Nylon sabudana looks like tiny pearls and chewy. Normal Sabudana are two types medium and large pearl like round in shape and chewy in texture.

Scientific Name is Manihot esculenta.

In Kannada it is called as Sabbakki/Seemye Akki

In Hindi it is known as Sabudana.

Sabudana/Sago does not have a strong taste but it has a chewy texture.

In India there are number of dishes prepared with sago/sabudana.

Sabudana kichadi and Sabudana Kheer and Sabudana vada are known dishes.

In my Sabudana Chitranna Recipe you can learn how to prepare chitranna with sabudana.Here in my recipe I had used Nylon Sabudana or Sago.Usually chitranna means Tempered Rice with Lemon or Gojju or with Tomato. In my sabudana chitranna recipe I had substituted rice with sabudana or sago.

You can call it as Lemon/Nimbe sabudana chitranna or Sabbaki chitranna.

Sabbakki chitranna is simple vegetarian dish which you can be consumed during Navratri Fast and is considered as a staple meal during fasting.

In India Sabudana kichadi mostly prepared during Vrat’s or Fastings.

Just to give a different taste to regular kichadi and chitranna. I had prepared this recipe by mixing two dishes in my own style.

Sabakki chitranna is prepared by tempering soaked Nylon Sabudana with dry nuts and lemon extract or juice and garnished with fresh coriander leaves.

Easy to prepare in minutes and ideal during fasting on festivals and Navratri.This simple yet mouth melting dish can be eaten as breakfast dish or as evening snack.

Try out this super gold in colour shiny pearls Sabbakki Chitranna Recipe and share your comments and feedback.

  • Cuisine – Indian
  • Recipe – Breakfast/Dinner
  • Type – Tiffin/snack
  • Soaking time – 5- 6 hours
  • Preparation time – 5 minutes
  • Cooking time – 25 minutes
  • Total time – ½ hour
  • Makes – 3- 4 servings



Soaked sabudana - 2 cups
Ghee - 2 tbsp
Chana dal - 1 tsp
Urad dal - 1 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Peanuts - 8 to 10
Cashew nuts - 8 to 10
Pistachios - 5 to 8
Raisins - 5 to 8
Green chilies - 4 to 5
Dry red chilies - 3
Pepper corns - 4 to 5
Lemon extract - 2 tbsp
Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
Salt - As required
Coriander leaves - 1 bunch
Curry leaves - 8 to 10

Soaking Method

Take sabudana in a bowl
Clean with water
Soak in water
Close with lid & soak for 5 hours
After 5 hours
perfectly soaked

Clean and soak sabudana at least 5 to 6 hours with sufficient water as shown in the pictures. you can soak sabudana overnight if you want to prepare it for next day morning. Soak with equal amount of water or as required. Close the soaked sabudana bowl with a tight lid or plate.

Preparation Process

  1. In a flat sauté pan or kadai, heat ghee/butter, splutter chana dal, urad dal, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, peanuts, cashew nuts, pistachios, raisins then add green chilies red chilies curry leaves, sauté them until slight brown in colour.
  2. Add turmeric powder salt and coriander leaves, saute for few minutes.
  3. Add soaked sabudana into the tempered pan, mix sabudana with tempering mix. Close the pan with a lid and cook for 15 minutes.
  4. Open the lid and mix gently, add lemon extract or juice into the pan, mix all together and cook for two more minutes.
  5. Dish out in a serving bowl /plate, garnish with fresh coriander leaves.
  6. Serve hot.

procedure with Images

Add Raisins
Add green chilies
Add red chilies
Fresh coriander leaves
Add 2 cups Sago
Mix with the tempering
Mix slowly
Add lemon extract
Dish out in a serving bowl
Sabudana chitranna

Note /Tips

  1. Presoak sabudana at least six to eight hours or over night
  2. You can substitute Nylon sanudana with normal sabudana
  3. You can add dry nuts as per your choice to make it more healthy
  4. You can add lemon juice after swithching off the flame
  5. Pepper corns can be added to give you extra spice
  6. Always use fresh lemon juice and coriander leaves.
  7. Use non -stick pan in order to avoid sticking while cooking
  8. You can substitute with coconut oil instead of butter/ghee 

Health benefits of Tapioca/Sabudana

  • Sabudana is high in calories and very wholesome rich in energy food
  • Sabudana contains good amount of dietary fiber which helps to rebalance healthy gut bacteria
  • Consuming Tapioca/sabudana prevents digestion issues and relives gas bloating and constipation.
  • Sabudana/sabbakki contains potassium which helps to regulate blood pressure levels. Promotes healthy blood flow and lowers the strain on your heart
  • Low in cholesterol and gluten free
  • Sabudana is a great source of protein which is required for growth of muscles and cell.
  • High in calcium magnesium and iron which helps to make bones strong and improves bone’s density
  • Regular consumption of Tapioca/sabudana /sago helps in lowering the risk of Arthritis and Osteoporosis.
  • Rich source of vitamin b6 and folate, which helps in proper development of the fetus.

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