Mixed Vegetable Kootu

Kootu is a coconut mixed south Indian recipe which is prepared with mixed vegetables.It is cooked by using coconut oil to enrich the taste. Kootu is a super nutritious food with the goodness of vegetables and coconut.
A simple south Indian version of Sambar / Rasam.
This is a different way of kootu preparation without using dal (lentils) and tamarind. As a substitute of lentils and tamarind freshly grated coconut and coconut milk is used.vegetables are boiled in fresh coconut water before the preparation.

Kootu Recipe

Preparation Process

Step 1
Take a deep vessel, add coconut water and chopped vegetables except lady’s finger. Boil the vegetables for 10 to 15 minutes until the vegetables becomes soft.
Do not over cook the vegetables. You can boil the vegetables in plain water instead of coconut water. Add a pinch of salt while boiling veggies.
Step 2
Strain the boiled veggies in a strainer and keep aside.
Step 3
Take a pan and roast nicely chopped lady’s fingers for  5 minutes until they become soft and slight brown in color.
Step 4
Take a separate pan and heat coconut oil in it.

Add mustard and cumin seeds, let them crackle for a few seconds then add curry leaves, ginger and saute for a few seconds.

Then add grated coconut and stir well.
Step 5
Add the boiled and strained vegetables which were kept aside in the pan along with the roasted lady’s finger. Mix well for some time and let it cook for five minutes.
Step 6
Add coconut milk, pepper powder and some salt. Cook till the time the gravy becomes thick and rich in texture.
Step 7
In a small kadai/pan heat one tsp of coconut oil add one tsp of cumin seeds,mustard seeds,curry leaves, chopped ginger and dry red chillies, sorte for a minute.
Step 8
Dish out the prepared kuttu in a serving bowl and pour the tempering on it.
Step 9
Garnish with some grated coconut and curry leaves.

Enjoy the dish with Rice or Roti.


  1. Coconut should be fresh and tender.

  2. Chop the vegetables cylindrically.

  3. Use freshly prepared coconut milk to enhance the flavour.

  4. Dry roast the lady’s fingers to remove the stickiness.

  5. Cook the recipe in a low flame.


The main ingredient used is coconut:
Coconut is a fruit which belongs to the cocos nucifera palm.coconut is one of the most most used ingredients in indian cuisine. Coconut is used mostly in sweets and savory foods. Coconut  water contains proteins, minerals and B vitamins. High in fibers and fat,low in carbs.
Health benefits:
♠ Consumption of coconut decreases belly fat,controls blood sugar levels and cholesterol.
♠ Polyphenol antioxidants present in  coconut protects cells from damage.
♠ It is a great choice for gluten free diets.