Mullangi Pachadi / Radish Chutney









Mullangi Pachadi / Radish Chutney Recipe

Main Ingredients:
For Tampering:

Mullangi Pachadi / Radish Chutney Preparation Process

Step 1

Clean radish with normal water, remove the stalks and peel the skin


Grate them using a grater

Step 2

Take a boiling vessel fill ½ of the vessel with clean water add grated radish into the boiling water mix with a small spoon boil radish for 10 – 15 minutes switch off the flame.

Step 3

Strain the boiled grated radish in a clean strainer to remove the water.

Step 4

Squeeze the excess water from radish using your palms/fingers.

Step 5

Take out the squeezed radish in a bowl keep it aside for 5- 10 minutes to cool down.

(radish should cool down completely before the preparation of chutney

Step 6

Take a pan/kadai heat oil for tempering/seasoning heat pan for a few seconds before heating oil.

Step 7

Add mustard seeds let them crackle for a few seconds then add cumin seeds sauté for a few seconds.

Step 8A

Add chopped green chillies garlic ginger and curry leaves one by one sauté for a minute.

Step 8B

Don’t burn the garlic roast them in a low flame until chillies and garlic becomes lite brown in colour.

Step 9

Add radish which was kept aside to cool down into the tempering mix and cook for a minute.

Step 10

Add salt then give a nice mix switch off the flame and keep it aside for10 to 15 minutes to cool

Step 11

Dish out in a serving bowl then add fresh thick curds into the bowl and mix well with the tempering to make chutney. You can add more curds as per your consistency chutney should be semi thick.

Step 12

Garnish with coriander leaves.

Serve with roti/rice





Let’s know about few healthy benefits about main ingredient RADISH