Walnut Ladoo||Healthy and Nutritious Ladoo

Healthy and Nutritious Walnut Ladoo

Walnut Ladoo is simple tasty healthy sweet recipe which you can prepare easily without even cooking, when it comes to calorie count I usually switch to healthy option by adding jaggery into my my sweet recipes which you can enjoy at any time.

Wlanuts are combined with dry figs, jaggery and ground in a food processor until smooth and soft,cow ghee/clarified butter is added to the mix to mould into desired round shape.

Walnuts can be substituted with almonds and other dry nuts and fruits as per your choice to make this tasty healthy nuts.

Walnuts have been a beloved snack for thousands of years. In ancient Rome, people called them by their Latin name, Juglansregia, which means “Jupiter’s royal acorn.”

Walnuts originated in Persia and spread through Asia and Europe.

Walnuts are an excellent source of antioxidants that can help fight oxidative damage in your body, including damage due to “bad” LDL cholesterol, which promotes atherosclerosis. Walnuts are a good source of the plant form of omega-3 fat, which may help reduce heart disease risk.

So lets know  to prepare healthy and tasty Walnut Ladoo with step by step preparation process along with  the pictures and video recipe.

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  • Cuisine – Indian
  • Recipe – Sweet
  • Type – Ladoo
  • Preparation time – 15 minutes
  • Total time – 15 minutes
  • Author – Nagajyothi


Video recipe of healthy walnut ladoo

Ingredients required to prepare Walnut  Ladoo

  1. Walnuts – 1 cup
  2. Figs – 1 cup
  3. Jaggery – 1/4 cup
  4. Ghee/clarified butter – 1/2 cup
  5. Pistachios – 1 tsp

Step by preparation method of Walnut Ladoo

Step -1

To prepare healthy nutritious tasty walnut ladoo , add 1 cup of deseeded walnuts in a food processor or mixture jar, grind for few seconds.

Step -2

Take 1 cup of dry figs (you can chop figs into four parts) add into the jar, grind until walnuts and figs becomes powdered.

Step -3

Then add 1 cup of  grated jaggery or jaggery powder into the powdered walnut and figs mix.

Step – 4

Now grind altogether until powder becomes soft in texture.

Step – 5

The ground mixture should be like shown in the picture, soft and smooth enough to mould into desired ladoo shape.

Step – 6

Take out the ground walnut mix into a clean dry mixing bowl .

Step – 7

Add 1/2 cup of hot cow ghee/clarified butter into the ladoo mixture. 

Step – 8

Take  one scoop full of walnut mixture, mould into round shape with your palm.(Grease your palm to avoid sticking of mixture while moulding)

Step – 8

Now take 1 table spoon of pistachios flakes in a small bowl, roll the prepared ladoo in grated pista flakes as shown in the picture.

Step – 9

Finish up moulding Walnut Ladoo one by one until you finish walnut mixture.

Step – 10

Garnish with almond and pista flakes to make it more tasty and yummy, enjoy your sweet cravings with healthy  tasty and crunchy Walnut Ladoo.

Health benefits of Walnut

  • Walnuts are a good source of the plant form of omega-3 fat, which may help reduce heart disease risk.
  • Eating walnuts not only nourishes you but also the beneficial bacteria that live in your gut. This promotes the health of your gut and may help reduce disease risk.
  • Eating walnuts may help control type 2 diabetes and reduce your risk of the disease, as the nut may help control your weight.
  • Walnuts contain nutrients that may help protect your brain from damaging inflammation and support good brain function as you age.
  • Having walnuts can reduce the risk of developing Type II diabetes. 
  • Walnuts help with the increased absorption of calcium in the body. They also reduce the excretion of calcium during metabolic processes.
  • Walnuts are fibre rich. Because of this, they help clean the gut and help detoxify the body. They all bulk to the stool and combat constipation.

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